Posted on: January 14, 2011 2:07 pm

I won't vote Ohio State #1 on my The People Poll

I won't vote Ohio State #1 on my The People Poll ballot.

Does really Ohio State should be #1? well AP and Coaches will have Ohio State #1 but I won't vote Ohio State #1 because of a light schedule with lot fo cupcakes with some teams are good right now here Ohio State Schedule.

Florida - Good

Florida State - Good

Minnesota - Good

Michigan - Ok

Oakland - Ok

rest of them are teams Ohio state play are not all that good.


I was going to rank Syracuse #1 but after I saw their schedule I going to change my mind and vote Kansas #1 because Kansas has 10 win vs Top 100 with Syracuse 7 wins vs Top 100 and Ohio State with 6 wins. As long Kansas doesn't lose before monday I will vote them #1.

here is what my top 10 will look like.

1. Kansas

2. Syracuse

3. Ohio State

4. San Diego State

5. Duke

6. Pittsburgh

7. Villanova

8. Connecticut

9. Kentucky

10. Texas A&M

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